Jazz Katalyst Vision:

Jazz Katalyst is a private entity founded in Basel, Switzerland by Sean Wells in 2010 with the aim of expanding and enriching the cultural footprint of jazz in Basel and Switzerland.

The founder studied Music Business and Songwriting at Berklee College of Music and is an Associate Member of the Recording Academy.

Jazz Katalyst Values:

Jazz Katalyst conducts it's business according to the follow eight values:
  • Inclusiveness: Jazz Katalyst values social inclusiveness and social responsibility.
  • Informing: Jazz Katalyst values openness, trust and honest communication at all times between its artists, partners, sponsors and employees.
  • Innovation: Jazz Katalyst values creative and business innovation and balanced risk.
  • Impact: Jazz Katalyst values personal, artistic, cultural and societal impact.
  • Improvement: Jazz Katalyst values organisations and people who strive to learn, grow and become successful.
  • Integration: Jazz Katalyst values collaborative relationships, supporting local business partners and diversity.
  • Integrity: Jazz Katalyst values artistic and personal integrity above profits.
  • Investment: Jazz Katalyst values investment in artists, audiences, business partners, collaborations and the music business ecosystem.